hAVEN vanguard


HAVEN VANGUARD was established in late 2015 when Timothonius Alai approached Maxwell McFadyen with the idea of creating a music community or ‘haven’ in Calgary. The two met through Mount Royal University's music program and enjoyed playing music together, and soon after HAVEN VANGUARD was formed.


HAVEN VANGUARD consists of Timothonius, Maxwell and three drummers who they rotate through depending on the gig, artist preference or size of the venue. The band members participate in composing, arranging, recording and selecting the music. The HAVEN VANGUARD group is dedicated to scouting skilled and talented artists in Calgary’s growing music scene and arranging opportunities for collaboration.



Piano & Multi-instrument / Timothonius Alai

Electric & String Bass Guitar / Maxwell McFadyen

Guitar / Barry Mason

Drums / Nathaniel Chiang

Drums / Michael De'Souza